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Much of the success of the Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI) at UC Irvine derives from the collaborative relationships we have developed over the years.

These partnerships are key to GERI's overall mission. As researchers, we know that we must build bridges between our institute and the scientific, clinical, governmental and local communities if we are to effectively translate our research findings into real world applications, and if we are to create important learning communities.

We are constantly guided by our commitment to engage others in our efforts. 

We are fortunate to participate in these collaborative efforts, which are extremely useful in promoting the healthy exchange of ideas, leveraging our limited resources and developing a better understanding of such as cancer, heart and respiratory diseases, which can be devastating for affected individuals and their families.

Collective action is critical if we are to participate in national and state dialogues about the importance of genetic epidemiology, community health and the successful education of our communities. Successful collaborations always begin with investing in people and their dreams, developing bonds of trust and nurturing leadership.

The institute's current partners include:

California Cancer Registry (CCR) — The registry is a statewide population-based cancer surveillance system. It collects information about all cancers diagnosed in California. Our Cancer Surveillance Program of Orange County (CSPOC), which is part of the state system, collects data for Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Imperial counties.

Registry data helps our understanding of cancer and the development of strategies and policies for prevention, treatment and control. Cancers can be cured if detected early and treated promptly. Our partnership with CCR allows GERI health researchers to analyze geographic, ethnic, occupational and other differences that provide clues that can point to risk factors.

CHOC Children’s (CHOC) — GERI, in association with CHOC, established the Kids, Adolescents, and Young Adults Cancer Research Program (KAYAC) as a means of improving the health and well-being of children, adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Middle Eastern Cancer Consortium (MECC) — GERI’s advanced management experience with CCR has led GERI researchers to provide leadership and to collaborate with this international group of researchers and public health officials with the aim of reducing the incidence and impact of cancer in this region of the world.

First Genetic Trust — GERI formed a technology partnership with First Genetic Trust to develop a secure and comprehensive information technology infrastructure to track the development and adoption of genetic-based medicines and diagnostic services that are important to the research of GERI and in clinical education.

If you share the vision of our institute’s members, we welcome your participation and support. To discuss creating a mutually beneficial partnership with our institute, please call us at 949-824-7416.