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Welcome message from the director

UC Irvine epidemiologist Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD, is director of the Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI).
UC Irvine Strategic Communications
UC Irvine epidemiologist Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD, is director of the UC Irvine Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute (GERI)


The faculty of the Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute focus on the integration of academic research, life quality, education and community efforts.

We search for genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that lead to a wide array of human diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, asthma, diabetes, obesity and other health conditions. Many of these largely preventable chronic diseases are expected to reach epidemic proportions during the next few decades — locally, nationally and globally.

Since our beginnings, we have been leaders in the fight against breast cancer and in our efforts to identify and quantify pollutant levels in the air we breathe. This pollution causes a number of serious health concerns, especially related to our heart and lungs. Recognized for our trailblazing efforts, we serve as a hub for cancer surveillance and cancer registries here in Southern California and around the globe.

After only four remarkable decades, our faculty are internationally recognized for their efforts to improve lives through advanced research and discovery. We continue to foster this excellence in scholarship and teaching as well as engaging and enriching the community where we live.

As part of a major research university, we are privileged to combine the strengths of our faculty, our distinguished School of Medicine colleagues and the outstanding people and bounty in this incomparable Orange County location.

It is our mission to continue our important work together to rapidly advance epidemiological discovery, promote healthier living and prevent chronic diseases that tragically affect our lives and the lives of those we care most about. I encourage you to join us by taking advantage of all we have to offer.

Warmest regards,

Hoda Anton-Culver, PhD, Professor
Director, Genetic Epidemiology Research Institute